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The Traveling Hat Project | Greenville Family Session | The Kindred Path x Gigi Pip

June 22, 2021 Greenville Family Session

As a Greenville newborn and family photographer, I was honored to photograph the Mooney family as part of The Traveling Hat Project with The Kindred Path.

To the woman who wears many hats,

It’s easy to look at these images and think “Oh my, her hands are full!” But what most don’t realize is that, full hands creates for an even fuller heart. The Traveling Hat Project inspired me in more ways than one. I was completely humbled and beyond shocked when I was chosen to participate in such a creative masterpiece. Immediately my creative thoughts began to storm me like a tornado, interrupting my daily activities. Many scraps of paper and quick notes on my phone later, the magical motherhood session of my dreams came to life. This project inspired me to coordinate pieces that were vintage and simple, to introduce new natural prompts, to let the children organically direct the session, and to build an encouraging relationship with a mama in the area. As I look through this gallery, I can’t help but be brought back to my childhood memory of Anne of Green Gables, a classic film in our family of four girls. After my time with Anna and her sweet family of seven, I think Anne Shirley describes my thoughts best. “Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It's splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.”

When I received the Gigi Pip hat, I immediately noticed that in the lining was stitched the phrase “For the woman who wears many hats.” I could not think of a better phrase to describe motherhood. So many hats to wear, so many roles to fulfill, and so many little ones to love. Anna is such a beautiful portrayal of this role of motherhood. A woman who wears many hats. This mama of five is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, blogger, teacher, pastor’s wife, creative, writer, and homemaker. And while some would say her hands are full, she will tell you that motherhood is full of so much more. Full of extra grace. Full of laughter and tears. Full of snuggles. Full of educational moments. Full of small moments that stay ingrained in your memories forever. Full of new seasons of life.

It was a warm spring evening, when we met in the mountains of South Carolina. Anna and her husband originally met at a college in Greenville, and here they are thirteen years later bringing their 5th little one into this world in the very same place. It was the perfect location to document this season of life for them, so as the wind whistled through our hair and the sunset warmed our souls, I witnessed Anna and her little ones love on each other with lots of sweet kisses and endearing snuggles. Throughout the session, the wind blew the hat across the mountain many times. One child or another would run over to pass thehat along to someone new to wear. I found it so inspiring how this simple act symbolized the passing on of knowledge, love, and leadership from their beautiful mama to each child. What a beautiful, busy season for Anna and her crew!

As a family and newborn photographer, I realize how important it is to document every season of life. And motherhood is filled with many, many seasons. But even in the midst of all the chaos during thebusiest of seasons, motherhood is still such a beautiful role to carry. Your little ones won’t remember the tears and piled up dishes. But they will remember the way you hug them after school and sing to them as you tuck them into bed. Maybe they don’t remember to thank you for their meal, but someday they will call you up for their favorite recipe to make for their own family.

To the woman who wears many hats, just remember...

What you are doing now has an impact on our future generation. Remember that even though the days may feel long, the years will fly by. And ultimately, remember that motherhood is a beautiful, heart-filling gift.

Wardrobe: Baby sling from Wild Bird ( Anna’s necklace, which has the birth flower stamped on it for August (when Alice will be born) and that she’s worn the entire pregnancy, is from Amazon.

View more from The Traveling Hat Project by The Kindred Path x Gigi Pip here.


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