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Best 3 Indianapolis Locations for Family Photos

September 12, 2020 Indianapolis Family Photographer

As an Indianapolis newborn and family photographer, I love discovering hidden gems around Central Indiana that offer gorgeous evening light and plenty of open space.

I've lived in Indianapolis, Indiana for 20 years, and I have to yet to completely discover all of the hidden gems around the area that are perfect for family photos. Each year I discover a new gorgeous field or landscape that amazes me how I never discovered it all this time. And that is one of the biggest reasons why I love Indy so much!

One of the most frequently asked questions when planning for family photos is "Where? What location should we choose?" My response is to ask yourself the question: "Is there a park, farm, or other space that your family has a connection or history with?" Maybe it's your grandfather's farm that has been passed down through the family. Or a beautiful park where your husband proposed to you. As my client, I will exclusively send you a list of several of my all-time favorite locations in Carmel, Westfield, Fishers, and Indianapolis in order to aid you in your decision.

When I help my clients in finding the perfect location, I keep two really important things in mind. Light and space. There are so many gorgeous parks or downtown locations, but if the evening light is insufficient, harsh, or completely hidden, then your photos will not result in what you are expecting. I schedule all of my sessions during the "Golden Hour," the one to two hour time period right before sunset (or after sunrise) that has a glowing, soft light. In order to achieve dreamy, timeless photos that you envision hanging on your home walls, I choose locations that offer a beautiful landscape complimented with the evening glow streaming in the right direction.

Second, space is so incredibly important for photographing families. An open field is the ideal location to have plenty of space for your kiddos to explore, run off their energy, and breathe. I believe that photos should be fun! And I can assure you that your children will love all the games and fun prompts I have planned to help them feel comfortable. Each location on my carefully curated list has met these requirements. So without further ado, here are my top 3 favorite outdoor locations for family photos around Indianapolis!

1. West Park

This beautiful location has everyyyyyything. You name it; it has it. From vast blowing fields, to a tree-lined walking path, to a boardwalk that winds around a pond, to a hill that overlooks the landscape. I absolutely love that this park offers plenty of variety to change up the scenery and space for your little ones to run off some energy. After every session I've had here, my clients walk away from it raving about the incredible views and amount of space for their kids to explore.

2. Heritage Park

If you are looking for a stunning horizontal art piece to hang above your mantel, this is the place! This park offers a more southern-flare to your location with its gorgeous white estate, neatly manicured gardens, and rolling hills. Every session I photograph here I aim to get that dream family portrait with the sun bursting through the treetops and your family naturally interacting from a distance. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with the backdrops you will get here!

3. Flat Fork Creek Park

I discovered this hidden gem in a moment of panic! A while back I had a session location fall through very last minute. In a hurry I Googled the closest park and was stunned by the views when I arrived! At Flat Fork Creek park, you will find so many trails for your little ones to explore! There are vast fields of tall grass and wildflowers, a massive bridge that spans over a valley, trails that lead through the woods and down to the creek, and a hill that provides a stunning view of the horizon. Notice a theme here with the hills?! Located in McCordsville, this park is conveniently located close to the Geist area for you to treat your family out to ice cream or dinner following your beautiful evening session!

At the end of the day though, the location of your family photos does not really matter. What matters is that you intentionally chose to invest in photos that document your family in this season. What matters is the family portraits that will soon hang on the walls of your home and capture the love and connection you have with your children. This is an investment that you will forever be grateful for. Have you scheduled your family photos for this year? Feel free to connect with me here! I would be honored to serve your family!


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