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Introducing Printed Products to Annika Jean Photography | Fishers Family Photographer

January 11, 2020

Natural. Timeless. Quality.

As an Indianapolis, IN and Greenville, SC family and newborn photographer, these are the words that I strive to define my brand after. I work to not only offer a service for young families, but to create an experience from start to finish that all will enjoy. So as I head into 2021 with big dreams, I want to offer something that will last even longer than just the thrill of an experience. I am SO excited to officially announce that Annika Jean Photography now offers printed products such as beautifully framed wall art, gallery boards, and albums.

For awhile now I have felt like my client experience lacked a missing piece of the puzzle. For years, I have helped provide updated portraits for families, but I always believed that getting photos doesn't just end once they are stored in your camera roll or on a hard drive. My heart has always been passionate about encouraging my clients to take the next step in printing their photos. So as I walked through the halls of my home, I realized that all of my favorite photos were printed either in an album, on a canvas, or inside of a frame. I see these photos daily, but I can't even recall any of the other photos from those sessions. Do I have the time to scroll through my digital gallery daily? What would happen if my computer crashed or my phone storage becomes full? You see, I cherish the physical copies of my photos far greater that I do my digitals, because at the end of the day I value quality over quantity.

More than just photos...

So in 2021, I am making it my mission to bridge the gap between digital images in your camera roll to quality wall art in the halls of your home. This is what makes a house a home. This is what makes quality greater than quantity. Your photos are memories. A reminder of a season in life. A representation of the beauty of motherhood. An heirloom to pass on to your babies some day in the future. Every photo I capture is motivated by this belief.

So I’m here to help you in every way I can—from giving you all of my best kept family photo secrets, to planning your outfits, to walking you through the process of getting your photos as printed heirlooms. Family photos may seem like such a daunting task, but that's why I'm here. My passion is to serve you, and Mama, I want to take the task of printing photos off your shoulders. My heart is to bring stories and family legacies alive on the walls of your home, and more than anything, I want to help you create yours!

Looking Ahead.

From the moment you contact me about a session, I make it my priority to serve you from beginning to end. In order to best serve your specific family, I want to get to know you and your unique vision for your photos. With these intentions, I have added in two new connection points outside of your session to get to know each client on a personal basis. Before every session, we will schedule a consultation call to review the content covered in my style guide, discuss outfits, decide on a time, choose a location, and share some of the ways we can turn your vision into printed heirlooms. Your session will be a fun time to document your family in the most natural way possible! I incorporate lots of movement to keep your little ones happy and content. After every session, we will meet in-person for a reveal session where I will present your final edited images, and we will work together to design the perfect wall art for your home!

Photos are an investment worth making for future generations. In order for you to invest in what works best for your family, I offer three session fee packages. Each session fee includes a set number of digitals and an amount of print credit. Print credit is a designated amount of your session fee that can go toward your heirloom order at your reveal session. Additional digitals and artwork are sold a la carte in order to make your experience customized specifically for you and your home.

I have been eagerly anticipating making this big announcement and am just so excited for the endless opportunities that this new service will allow me when serving families!! While 2020 may not have been what any of us expected, it is the year I gained clarity. The year I gained direction for my business. And the year that I understood how much more I should be valuing tangible photos over digital copies. Because at the end of the day, we want to be surrounded by the people we love. Either in person, or by the next best way possible.

Ready to create artwork? Let's work together! Get in touch here.


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